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Mandala’s Cacaolchemy™ offers inspiration through the healing power of cacao and the most powerful and best sourced herbs in world. The result is a sugar-free chocolate unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Every batch is intuitively handcrafted, stoneground and marble tempered. ~Blessings!~

Ingredients: (all Raw and Organic)

Cacao, Yacon,Maca,Sacha Inchi,Sprouted Brown Rice,Vanilla,Chaga*,Reishi*,Macuna,Pedicularis canadensis*,Spiceberries*,Tulsi Flowers*,Ginger,Ashwaghanda,Cinnamon, Shilajit, Calamus*, Celtic Sea Salt. *Appalachian Grown/Wildcrafted

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Weight 1.2oz lbs


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