Sustainably sourced. Mindfully crafted. Inspiringly delicious.

Mandala Chocolates

Mandala Chocolates

Welcome to Mandala Chocolates!

Mandala Chocolates is about far more then just a great tasting chocolate.  Mandala Chocolates in about creating Inspiration at every step of the way.  From working with local indigenous farmers in Guatemala to help them become fully self sustainable and protect their precious primeval forests, to hand crafting chocolates from bean to bar using only the most sustainable, intentionally sourced and profound superfoods we can find.

We believe that we can change the world and that chocolate, long a sign of abundance and good fortune, is the prefect vehicle for that change.

Our chocolate is imbued with far more then just the best ingredients and best practices.  We put a love and passion into creating this chocolate that is palpable.  It is in the celebration of chocolate making that we become more then chocolateers, we become alchemists.

Join us on our journey to a new and magical world, one Mandala Chocolate at a time!